SIMEC, a story of success

SIMEC begins in 1969 in Castello di Godego (province of Treviso), in the heart of that area situated in North East Italy, which will become famous as years go by as the symbol of Made in Italy, for its industriousness and ability in exporting products all over the world. SIMEC starts off as a small workshop, lacking means and capital, with Ampelio Stangherlin's intuition and experience, a young man full of will and good ideas. The owner's sacrifices, determination and great talent in designing excellent stone processing machines bring the company to its success. SIMEC is present in the natural stone processing technology sector and in the ceramic sector, manufacturing complete machinery and plants which are appreciated all over the world for their quality.
With 28000 square metres of covered production areas, SIMEC can boast an added value of very high level guaranteed by exclusive use of its specialized staff in designing, constructing and assistance of the entire range of products. Designing machines which are competitive in performance without disregarding the reliability of each single detail is the industrial philosophy that SIMEC applies in realizing all its products, from large plants to the more economical machines, achieving quality which has become by now a real reference point for the market.
Quality first of all
SIMEC’s success is mainly due to its constant search for quality. Ampelio Stangherlin, president, founder and protagonist of SIMEC’s success says: “This company has become big and most of all adult without making much noise: we are an excellent work team; we construct machines and plants whose quality is unquestionable; Italian and international customers appreciate our technology and the way we work”. Within the fields in which it operates SIMEC represents an international reference point by now, thanks to the experience it has accumulated and the skills it has acquired in so many years of activity. To ensure complete satisfaction of its customers’ needs, SIMEC offers a particularly vast range of products, and is able to cover, with the same quality standards, all stone processing phases.
Planning the future
Continuous research activity has allowed SIMEC to acquire new unique designing skills which are employed not only for studying plants and machinery but most of all in elaborating the lay out of complete plants. There are various designing departments in the company, some of them are engaged in planning new products, others in developing machines which already exist. In the designing phase, a fundamental moment in the entire production process, the most efficient solutions are developed to increase machine performance and augment reliability, always keeping utmost attention on ergonomics and safety.
Building Quality
In line with its industrial philosophy, SIMEC develops the entire production process within the Group. The company thus links continuous checking of quality standards with high flexibility, which allows backing up the various production requirements as well as possible. The process begins by choosing the raw materials, which must pass rigorous checks; both the metal structural work and the precision processes are then carried out in compliance with precise procedures. During the whole process modern CN machining centres guarantee excellent productive performance.
Final assembly of the machines falls within the SIMEC industrial quality culture as well: this fundamental productive phase is, in fact, carried out internally, in well organized and equipped areas, by competent and specialized staff, constantly updated thanks to numerous training courses. Employees follow each moment of assembly scrupulously, with the aid of highly automated machinery, for total and direct quality checking. Meticulous attention of each detail is a substantial point of this productive moment; once mounting is completed, the final product is subject to thorough testing to verify correct operating.
Widespread and efficient assistance
SIMEC guarantees complete assistance service: from the first contact to the delivery of the finished product, from installation to starting up of the machine or of the plant, the company represents a constant reference point for users. SIMEC supplies the ultimate users with all those instruments for correct use of its products, offering not only its advice on all installation phases, but providing, on request, to train the assigned staff as well. SIMEC has progressively strengthened its Assistance Centre network with local personnel, which has by now expanded in many countries and which is still in continuous evolution. The Centres guarantee punctual service for a rapid solution of any problem, thanks to the well-supplied spare parts warehouse of the central headquarters. The vast and well organized SIMEC warehouse houses all the necessary spare parts, guaranteeing shipments within 24 hours from their request, and the correct input of the necessary components to the assembly departments.
SGS certifies the quality management system of Simec SpA according to standard ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The quality of Simec's technology is recognized by the Italian association Marmomacchine, by means of the granting of the "Marmo Macchine Mark", which guarantees the originality and the origin of the products, stricktly made in Italy.

With the authorization n. IT AEOC 19 1570 SIMEC SpA has obtained the status of Authorized Economic Operator to carry out customs activities at its plants.