Bridge sawing NC machine with rotating head
Numerical control bridge saw with 5 interpolated axes for cutting slabs of marble, granite and agglomerate up to 250 mm thick by means of a disc with max. diameter of 725 mm. Accurate and sturdy, it is perfect for executing very quickly the cut of polygonal shapes even if complex. It assures high speed of working thanks to translations on ball bearing guides. It is controlled by a Fanuc numeric control and executes works by means of the interpolation of up to 4 axes at a time.
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Main Quality
Vertical controlled axis Z
Obtained by an steel structure moving on ball recycling slides. The movement is fed by a digital control brushless motor, coupled, by means of a precision reducer, to a ball recycling screw. All the sliding components are protected by bellows.
Main motor 16,5 kW
The main motor of the QUASAR 725CNC with 1/2 gas connection is of kW16,5. It is possible to increase the power up to kW18,5 with the ISO40 connection.