Automatic edge polishing machines for square edges of marble, granite and agglomerated marble
The new automatic edge polishing machine BORDI P702 for square edges is made with frontal floating spindles for polishing marble and granite edges. The structure of the machine has a high protection degree against corrosion thanks to a sturdy electrowelded steel frame which is first sand-blasted and onto which are applied different layers of painting with a zinc epoxy primer. The conveyor belt slides on steel ground plates 12 mm. thick. The protection and covering guards of the BORDI P702 are made of stainless steel. Front and bevelling spindles are chromed with inner shaft suitable for the use of abrasives of diameter 130 and 150 mm. The BORDI P702 is equipped with a tank for collecting water with a side drainage. Each spindle is automatically controlled for the whole processing cycle with the possibility to program the length of the edge to be polished.
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